We have just come back from Kakate where we had gone for the children Mission.
The mission was a great success.
We taught , we played, we prayed, we are together, we prayed for those who wanted to receive Christ.
We gave every kid, and the adults who came, all got food to take home. This ration will feed them for some days.
This area is very very dry at this time of the year.

Pastor Steve confessed to us how we were God-sent because last night he had no food for his family and they drunk only porridge and went to sleep.

Today, by the grace of God and through your giving, Steve has foods not only for his family but also for his entire congregation and the immediate neighbours. We bless the Lord for this support.

God bless you for helping us to be a blessing to pastor Steve and many others in similar predicament. Your generosity is remarkable. May the Lord replenish your storage/accounts.