From the Wardei and Watta tribes of Bilisa Village.

Today we held the first ever meeting for parents of kids with disabilities, together with the concerned kids.
The meeting was full of tears and laughter. Tears because no one has ever showed any interest to these parents or their kids. Laughter as we shared the bible story of Mephibosheth son of Jonathan son of Saul. He was disabled yet King David sent for him and helped him. More laughter and joy as they saw their kids smiling without being judged.

In most African. Communities, disability is associated with a curse or bad omen. Such families and shunned by others. Such kids are ostracized. Sometimes they are killed at infancy.

Today we had 28 kids in this meeting under the tree. From the ages of 2½ yrs to 17yrs. Girls and boys from different tribes, all Muslims.

The group had kids suffering from deafness, muteness, autism, down syndrome, inability to walk, among other issues.

Our goal is to see these kids accessed by team of medical professionals who will be able to advice of what help each kid needs.

Our vision is to see these kids put in schools.

Pray with us that the Lord help us to accomplish this , for His own glory.

We are Alive To Serve. We are blessed to be a blessing.

Peter Wagura