Today we presented an early Christmas to the inmates of Malindi prison. The original plan was to minister to the male inmates only. But as a result of your GENEROSITY we had enough to give even to the women.
We there gave goodies worthy USD 2,500 to male and USD 700 to women, giving a total of USD 3,200.
This would have been just a pipe dream without your input. May the Lord bless abundantly.

I shared with the inmates about the importance of having a forgiving heart. I used the analogy of a person tied with several ropes representing different offenders that she has failed to forgive; from work place, neighborhood, and even church, which has made his healthy to go south, relationships to be sour.

Our key scripture was Ephesians 4:32.

13 inmates surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus to be their Lord and savior.

We also shared a birthday cake to celebrate with our second born , Joel, who turned 10yrs on 21st Dec.

Please enjoy the video clips and the pics.

God bless you abundantly.

Peter Wagura
Alive To Serve

December Outreach ProjectsFundraising Needs

Alive to Serve has a need to raise $3,500 to fund our December outreach to children, families, the disabled, and those in prison.  Please join us!

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