“We are not here to talk about your private parts, your penis or Virgina. Those are servants. We want to address their master: that’s your brain/mind. That’s the command center. If we control it, then the other organs will obey the clean/clear commands coming from it: the mind.”

This afternoon we served the Hurara Primary School fraternity, because we are Alive to Serve and we are blessed to bless.

When our sons and daughters are sexually active even as young as 10 years, then silence isn’t an option. We must speak. This is a school, not a dating zone. This is a school, not a brothel.

The guidance and peer counseling session both boys and girls from class four to class right, both Muslims and Christians, was a success. We are very grateful to the leadership of this student. This is a journey we have began. The road won’t be smooth, but we have certain destination.
I had time with the boys as pastors Lydiah and Esther attended the girls. Then we latter had a joint session.