Today we went back to the villages to minister to the families of children living with disabilities.
It’s never easy to listen to the horrifying stories from the parents/care givers of such children: rejection (by family, community, religious centers), lack of medical care, stigmatisation, ostracization, and many more.
Halako, mother to Amina who is a 8 years old disabled, and a sibling among 7 ,narrated with pain how she was to spend the night hungry with her kids, until God sent us to deliver some foods to them.
Almost all these parents have to literally tie their kids with ropes inside the house so that they can go to the farm or wherever to they get a casual job. A few women cried as they remembered how their husbands left them when they found out that the child was disabled.
But what hurt me most was to hear that many of the kids aren’t welcome to the churches because thwr are associated with witchcraft, curse, bad omen, demon possession among many other demeaning and dehumanising adjectives. These are lies from the devil, passed down from one generation to the other. God’s word is well able to annul that.

As ALIVE TO SERVE we believe in the sanctity of human life regardless of the level of development of any human being.

Please help us to reach more kids to the Glory of God.

We are Alive To Serve.
We are blessed to bless.