Dear Friend:

Alive to Serve partners with Pastor Grace in Marsabit county, northern Kenya. Pastor Grace serves the children of her community each Saturday through Bible teaching, prayer, meals, and meeting other basic needs at her home. Alive to Serve has been supporting Grace, visiting Marsabit and training children’s ministry leaders, offering VBS and PEACE initiatives in the community.

Pastor Grace lives close to the Kenya and Ethiopia border. This is a desolate area that is hot and windy and prone to tribal clashes and banditry. In most cases, this results in loss of life and property. Therefore, we have many orphaned and needy children. Grace welcomes these village children to her home every Saturday. Currently, more than 60 children meet outside of her home for 4 hours. They are in great need of large tents where they can be sheltered from the sun, the dust, and elements of the weather during their time together each week.

A hundred-seater tent with chairs is needed for this ministry. That cost is $3,000. Please consider joining Alive to Serve in purchasing this tent for the ministry of Pastor Grace.

Below are some video clips from Missionary Grace. The beautiful kids are singing two deep songs:

  1. Under the canopy of God
  2. I am blessed to be a blessing

God bless you.