The trip started with the baptism of eight brethren.  It is an honor to witness people coming to Christ and choosing to grow in their faith.

We next travelled to Kampalam, then to Yumbe by road.  It’s a distance of 540kms, 9 hours drive. Yumbe is where the refugee camp is.
Precisely, the whole of today might be spent on the road.

We are about 5 men:

  • 3 Ugandans (including the driver)
  • 1 American
  • 1 Kenyan (me)

Next, we ministered at Imvepi Refugee Camp.  The specific ministry was a VBS with at least 400 children.

I have been informed the children’s ministry is greatly neglected by the leadership in many churches and as a result we have teenage children as the Sunday school teachers in many places.

Pray that the Lord will bring to us church leaders whom we can impact with the knowledge of why children ministry deserves international investment.

Thank God for the success in the HBC. The attendance was high and the climate was also very good.

Let’s Pray for the organizational part of the holiday Bible camp. The camp is said to be bigger than all that we have been previously.

Pray for the salvation of children ministers, children, and even parents.

Pray for the peace of Southern Sudan so that those willing to go back to their country can do so.

Our time in Yumbe has been tremendously impacting to both us and the people we were reaching out to.

Pray that the harvest will abide.

Pray for the spiritual formation of the thousands of these children in these camps.

Pray more gospel ministers to work in this land.

We traveled from Kampala to Geita Tanzania, via Mutukula and Bukoba.

I pray that you are well in the name of Jesus and by His grace.

May the Lord bless you for choosing to partner with Alive To Serve in discipling the children of the nations.