We have begun the month of October by visiting 10 families who have children living with disabilities.
These visits bring mixed emotions resulting from listening to stories of hopelessness and helplessness from a certain family, followed by unshaken optimism from another family. To all these families, we point them to the Almighty God who is able to solve every puzzle.

One mother narrated how as a family they have spent every sale of their harvest in visiting different witchdoctors but it was all in vain as their daughter’s situation worsened. “I have done all I can humanly do. I am now waiting on God.”


Another woman tearfully explained how she was divorced and rejected by friends when they knew that her daughter is crippled and can’t walk.

We welcome you to financially partner with us in feeding more than 50 such families especially during this famine season.

We remind you of our dream as Alive To Serve, to build CMRC (Children Ministry Resource Center) where such parents can come for counseling and formation of support groups with other such parents, nutritional feeding programs and physiotherapy for such children. These will be bridges to reach the hearts with the love of God.