Children’s Ministry

Serving children’s leaders throughout East Africa with training and support. Serving children in villages and bringing the Gospel to them.

Prison Ministry

Serving men and women with children, through visits and meeting basic needs (ie. soap, diapers, food, etc.).

Dignity of Girls

Serving at risk girls by restoring their dignity and providing reusable sanitary towels.

ATS recognizes the needy girls in the Community especially in the primary schools and note so those who can’t even afford sanitary towels. The lack of sanitary towels due to poverty has lead these girls to use all manner of things to go through their sensitive days. These leads to high school absenteeism and compounds to poor grades, and the cycle of poverty continues.  Through partnership with others, the ATS provides sanitary towels for a whole year per girl. We also provide menstural hygiene education. We are alive to serve.

Training Leaders

Serving local church leaders through discipleship and training.

Orphans, Disabled & Elderly

Serving orphans by providing schools fees for education, the disabled with food, education and specific needs. Serving the elderly with food, medical and prayer.

Alive to Serve, in partnership with friends, serve orphans.   We help them with school uniforms and school fees. We also provide food and other necessities when we are able.  We are alive to serve.​